An Orthodox monk’s life in Kosovo

Segnaliamo e condividiamo con piacere il reportage fotografico sui monaci ortodossi di Kosovo realizzato dal carissimo amico Giovanni Cocco e pubblicato sulla CNN

Curiosity about modern monasticism and a friend’s advice drew photographer Giovani Cocco to Kosovo’sDecani Monastery.

“The first impression I had when I arrived at the monastery of Decani was peace and silence,” he says. “This immediate emotion was the central theme of the work from the beginning: I wanted to talk about another world, where despite the extreme social and political difficulties there still exists a way to live in peace.”

Cocco first visited Kosovo in December 2009, after which he continued to make short visits. In 2011 he was there for two months documenting the country’s remaining monasteries. He says he has visited nearly all of the active Orthodox monasteries in Kosovo, with Decani being the largest and best-known.

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